Eurydice (eurydice72) wrote,

My busy day:

1. Our new couch set arrived, and it looks gorgeous.
2. Picked up one of my two new pairs of glasses. Am trying to get adjusted since they're only reading glasses and every time I look more than 18 inches away, the room warps around me and makes me dizzy. Think it might take awhile.
3. Wrote chapter on new JC story. We're at just under 30k, and it's shaping along very nicely.
4. Had heating guy around to fix the heating problems we had. Apparently, the wiring was switched so that what should have been happening upstairs was happening down, and vice versa.
5. Watched Star Trek with family, and got quality cuddle time.
6. Did far too much laundry and cleaning.

This weekend is going to be busy, too. Tomorrow, we do the bulk of our share of the Thanksgiving shopping. Our best friends are coming here for the holiday (instead of us going to their house like we've done the past 3 years), so we've split up duties. We're doing it smart, too. They're arriving Wednesday evening so we can get some of the baking done then, then spending Thursday evening here, too, so nobody has to worry about cutting the day short to drive home. So we've got cleaning to do in prep for that as well, not to mention Craig has managed to wear holes through the bottom of his shoes so there's shoe shopping on the agenda at some point.

I should probably get a good night's sleep, lol.
Tags: glasses, life, writing

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