Eurydice (eurydice72) wrote,

Wednesday night reality TV

I was fearful at the start of the episode with the challenge. They picked something that they knew Nicole was going to suck at. And that Erin would do well with. I was convinced that Erin was going to win, and then she'd somehow be in the top 2 when she is whiny and inconsistent.

It didn't help that she did a good photo, and Laura seemed to struggle. I was even fearful that Nicole would end up not making it when they didn't gush over her photo the way Jay did. But Laura's photo shocked me. She really is such a chameleon! And Laura and Nicole are my ideal top two. Laura's likely the sweetest girl they've ever had on the show, and Nicole is just stunning.

Pepper has been talking about Top Chef for ages, but I never watched until two weeks ago when I caught a marathon of the current season. I got hooked. So I watched it tonight, but it all feels like a waiting game until they get to the brothers and Kevin as 3 of the top 4. I don't know anymore who the 4th will be. I'd originally thought Jennifer, but she's really crumbled under the pressure the last 4 weeks. Robin shouldn't necessarily have lasted this long, and I can't say I'm sorry to see her go. The drama next week will be if it's Jennifer or Eli with the others. At this point, unless Jennifer rallies (which I just don't see happening), it'll be Eli.
Tags: antm, top chef

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