Eurydice (eurydice72) wrote,

Recently, I used up the last of the gift certificate I got for Amazon for my birthday from my in-laws. That shipment arrived today, and it had in it two things that have me excited: Gay Art: A Historic Collection, and Chess in Concert with Josh Groban and Idina Menzel.

Clearly, I'm excited about these for different reasons, lol.

I haven't had a chance to do much more than flip through the book yet. It arrived when the kids were home, so because of its graphic nature, that got put away after a couple careful peeks.

But the DVD...even Craig is excited about that. I love Chess, and have had it memorized since I first got the CD in college. I belt it out when I've got it on. I even lost my voice on a trip to a con in LA one year because I kept singing/playing it over and over for the 8 hour drive down, lol. I had heard Groban played Anatoly in this production, but I was super excited to see that Menzel was in it, too. Adam Pascal plays Freddy, too, which will be fun to watch. I was going to pop it on tonight, but Craig is currently working and I was threatened if I watched it without him.

Maybe I can sneak it on tomorrow and just not tell him that I've already seen it. ;)
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