Eurydice (eurydice72) wrote,

Damn it. I forgot to post yesterday. But I didn't really have anything interesting to say, anyway, so better than gabbling about nothing, right?

Except I've still got nothing, lol. It's been a busy couple of days, with a ton of cleaning, shopping for stuff for the house, proofing a galley, writing about 4k, taking care of Alicia since she's sick, and all the normal house stuff. Alicia is doing better, and will likely go to school tomorrow, but I have really got to hit the grocery store soon. I've been scrounging up meals with stuff in the house, and considering I haven't done a full shop in almost 2 weeks - just a couple runs for milk and bread - it's been interesting, lol. I ended up making a potato soup for lunch yesterday that my mom used to make, a comfort food for when we were sick. That compelled me to try other recipes from when I was growing up, at which point I realized why we had them so often. They use staples that are always on hand, lol. Funny it took until I was 40 to actually learn that.
Tags: life

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