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This won't be of interest to very many people, though I'll be honest and say I have absolutely no idea who might or might not watch soap operas.

I grew up on General Hospital. I remember Laura and Scotty's wedding, Luke's arrival, the whole Luke and Laura craze. I fell out of it a little bit in college, because my roommate loved Santa Barbara and it was her TV, watched it again in my 20s then had to give it up when I moved to the UK in '99. I got back into it after '06, though I'll admit I didn't warm up to it right away. I'd missed a lot of history, and my favorite characters weren't really around. Plus, the focus on Sonny was infuriating.

But I've stuck with it, for a few reasons, and while there have been ups and downs, and times I want to just say forget it, I really really don't want to right now. I'm loving what's happening right now.

1. For Dominic/Dante. I don't know what it is about this guy - he's short, he's not as good looking as some of the other guys on the show - but ever since he started, he's just transfixed me. I adore the circumstances of his being on the canvas, and I LOVE his chemistry with Lulu. Every time they're on screen, I stop everything to watch. I'm just waiting for this relationship to explode.
2. For Johnny/Olivia. I've been a fan of Johnny's from the start, and while I really liked him with Lulu, I think he's fantastic with Olivia. They're so damn hot together.
3. For Claudia finally getting her comeuppance. It's about time.
4. For Jonathan Jackson's return as Lucky. I liked Greg Vaughan well enough, but from Jackson's first moment on screen this week, I got goosebumps. It's a different Lucky than Vaughan's, but he's just such a better actor. He's got that quiet intensity that Vaughan didn't have, strong and vulnerable all at the same time. Even Alicia commented today about it, completely unsolicited: "This Lucky is so much better than the last one."

Yes, I hate most of the new kids they have now. I fast-forward through most of Kristina and Michael's scenes, anything with Rebecca in it makes me cringe, and Sonny's constant presence gets annoying. But Patrick and Robin are fun again, Matt is charming, and Maxie and Spinelli absolutely adorable. There are more good reasons than bad to watch these days.
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