Eurydice (eurydice72) wrote,

New month, fresh start. Life is slowly finding a new order, so I'm going to do my damnedest to get back into the swing of LJ.

It's been an odd month. We're still getting settled into the new house - which I love - but it's a slow process as a lot of projects, like hanging curtains, have to wait until Craig is home on the weekends. I took the month off from working on any Jamie Craig stuff, which gave pepperlandgirl4 massive amounts of time to write two long ST fics, and yesterday, we picked up on a project that we've been wanting to get back to for over a year. We were invited last June to submit to MLR, so this is the story for that.

But being eager to get back into writing with Pepper has been tempered by my frustrations with a sequel I promised that I just can't get into. And all the brouhaha lately about straight women writing m/m. And being torn between factions that want realism in their romance and those that want the fantasy. Wank just makes me so damn weary. I honestly don't know how people can expend so much energy into this shit. Do they not have lives outside of their computer? Do they not have things to do? I deleted another blog from my daily links this morning because I got so angry at yet another post there, fueled by an audience with a very narrow perspective and an overdeveloped sense of "I'm right and everybody else is wrong." I find myself doing that more and more lately, because really, who has the time for it? I don't. I get up at 6:30 every morning, and I don't stop until I crash that night around midnight. Our DVR is getting hugely backed up because there's all this tv I want to watch, but I can't afford to watch more than 1 show a day (and my soap doesn't count because I end up ffing through most of it, and can finish an episode while I'm eating lunch). Last night, ANTM won (and I can't be the only one glad Bianca is gone, though most of the girls this series drive me up the frickin' wall). But that means I still have Glee, Modern Family, and CSI NY to watch, not to mention all the rest of the tv from the past 2 weeks.

Sorry. I didn't mean to sound like such a whiny bitca. It's been a crappy morning already, and it's only 9am. I made homemade cranberry/orange scones this morning in an attempt to cheer myself up - and because the kids are home on fall break so I wanted something special for them. So far, it hasn't worked.
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