Eurydice (eurydice72) wrote,

Remember me? Sometimes I don't remember what life was like before I was exhausted 24/7, lol.

More changes in my household lately. We're still unpacking - a very slow process. This weekend, we managed to get some curtains up, though honestly not very many. Alex has managed to catch a cold which is never good. I got a new acquisition - a solid oak rolltop desk that's in amazing condition. I've always wanted one, and now it's taking up a sizable corner of my bedroom. I feel guilty for wanting to get it sorted when there are so many other things for me to do.

Like...get used to the other new members of our household. Today, we acquired two pets. Friends of ours are having to move and can't take all of their menagerie with them, so we agreed to adopt two of them. There's Lucy, the sweetest, most submissive Boston Terrier, and Bruiser, a black and white adult cat. I don't have a picture of Bruiser as he's been hiding most of the day, getting used to his new surroundings, but I do have one of Lucy. That doesn't do her total justice, as I couldn't get her to stay still. She kept looking around, too interested in everything else, lol.

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