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Rook chapter

Just as promised...Chapter 37 of Rook is now up. 38 will be up tomorrow, and I'm hoping that these last few chapters get posted in quick succession as it's primarily plot left now. Using the word "few" is perhaps a misnomer, though. The remaining count is standing at approximately 7 or 8, but as always, that's subject to change on the whim of the characters.

Or of angstchic if she says something that provokes me to add something else. ;)

Have laundry, and unpacking, and toy sorting, and catching up with reading, and general household stuff to do today. Sad as it may sound, I'm so happy to be back in my crazy routine. I missed my busy life. The past few days at the inlaws have been nice, but I was ready to come home yesterday. Home sweet crazy home. :)

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