Eurydice (eurydice72) wrote,

I. Am. Exhausted.

And worse?

We're not done yet.


We hired a small trailer and a couple of guys to come today to get the last of the stuff at the house. The four of us got there hours before the guys were supposed to show up to have everything done and ready, then the kids and I came home, since it would just be a waiting game at that point. Well, Craig just called. The trailer is filled to the rim - as is the van - and there is *still* stuff left over.

When the hell did we get so much crap?!?

Craig was going to do another trip back tomorrow to get his boat, but now it looks to be at least two trips. We have to return the trailer by 8am tomorrow, which means when he finally gets home tonight - at this rate, we think it won't be before 9 because of traffic - we get to unload it into the garage.

I honestly don't know how much more I can physically take. My hip and thigh have been killing me for two days. I've gotten over the other achiness. My knees, shoulders, feet...all fine. No, this is my bad hip, the one I went to the doctor to last spring to get xrayed that didn't show anything wrong, the one that goes out for no reason whatsoever sometimes. It just aches, and no amount of painkillers is helping right now. I really think it's because it's not getting much of a rest. But it hurts badly enough to make me want to stop doing anything and just sleep.

Hell, I just want to sleep anyway.

And I want this done.

I mentioned the exhausted part already, didn't I?
Tags: new house

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