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Oops, it's 11pm and I haven't posted yet. It's been a long, busy day. There was cleaning, and then driving out to the new house to show it to pepperlandgirl4, slacker_97, and gigglestheblood, then back for more cleaning, and their arrival just before dinner. gigglestheblood had never seen "Boston Legal" so we've been watching S3 all night, and it's been incredibly distracting, lol.

But anyway, the Writers with Drink event last night was great. The first three authors ranged from ohmigod I can't believe I have to watch this to well, that wasn't too bad. Then there was an intermission, after which we got Adam Savage.

Adam's presentation was 100 things he wanted or wished for. He had them all written on their own notecards and he flipped through them as he read. Basically, it confirmed that Adam is the coolest person ever, lol. Some of the things he wished for?

1. A week on a Quentin Tarantino set.
2. A monkey. He'd settle for a friend with a monkey, because he imagines they're a lot of work.
3. Dinner with Joss Whedon.
4. For his kids to have jobs they love.
5. A library with super high super high ceilings with floor to ceiling shelves and those really cool ladders that slide around
6. To smack Dick Cheney in the face.
7. A light saber
8. To be friends with an elephant.

And so on, and so on. There was a ton of stuff about his wife's talents, and his kids, and secret rooms, and movies, and he was just so much fun. And he spent the whole thing sitting just 10 feet in front of me. Which, okay, silly fangirl stuff, lol.

But as much fun as Adam was, the final speaker was the absolute best. Dorothy Allison. Now, I'll admit I've never read Bastard Out of Carolina and won't because I can tell just from reading the summary and an excerpt it's going to trigger me in bad, bad ways, but after last night, I'm prepared to go out and buy all her other stuff. She was the most dynamic presenter. She read two short works that just blew us away.

I am so going to this again. They have monthly events, different people each time. It was hot and crowded, but they said it was a much bigger crowd than usual. Probably Adam Savage's presence. But it was just so refreshing. A room full of book geeks, enjoying a variety of words. Pretty damn amazing.

Oh, and what cracked me up? I wore my tie purse into the city, and within 15 minutes of finding my spot in the audience, this absolutely gorgeous guy sitting a couple feet away (with an equally adorable guy I suspect was his boyfriend) leaned over and said, "Is your purse really made out of ties?" I said yes, and he commented on how cool it was. The purse strikes again. :)
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