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Greetings from the in-laws

Well, I survived Christmas relatively intact. Yesterday was lovely, and today turned out nice as well when the brother-in-law got off work early and came over for the day with his wife and MIL when they weren't expected. The guys are downstairs right now playing Xbox (surprise, surprise) so I'm taking advantage of a few spare minutes to wish season's greetings to everybody.

I'd forgotten how dreadfully slow my inlaws connection was. I'm getting on as little as possible just because it's taking me forever to do anything. I didn't realize how spoiled I'd gotten with the broadband.

Kids made out like banshees, of course, and we're planning a nice quiet night in. I'm going to get some writing done after the kids go to bed (I've been scribbling in my notepad all day because there are no easily accessible power points in this house that wouldn't get in the way if I plugged in the laptop). I should be able to get a couple chapters done before I get back to our house late on Sunday, though. Bad thing is, though, I got a plot bunny for a Chosen/post Chosen fic, when I've never had any desire to write one before. It's taking all my attention to focus on Rook, and then remind myself that I'm doing Frost and then the William fic afterward. At this rate, I'm never going to be done writing Spuffy.

And reminder to self for next family gathering: Do not get engaged in tickles chases with the brother-in-law without wearing rubber padding. I took a corner too sharp and wiped out, and my knee is throbbing now. And of course, once I was down on the floor, Ian refused to let me get up until he'd gotten his tickle in. At least he was nice enough to help me with the icepack when I got up. And I got my revenge when both my kids ganged up on him. :)

Season's Greetings everyone. I hope you're all enjoying your holiday!

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