Eurydice (eurydice72) wrote,

Well, I missed a day, but it wasn't my fault, lol! I was actually too busy to post for a change. I worked my tail off until 2, at which point, I hopped onto the BART to go into San Francisco. Craig and I had tickets to go see Wicked last night, and I had made arrangements to meet up with someone I'd encountered through a blog.

His name is Maymay (or at least, that's what he goes by most of the time, it seems), and I first found him by following a link to one of his blogs. It's a photo blog primarily, called Male Submission Art (warning! NSFW!!), and I have to admit to being entranced at the time by the wide range of imagery that was posted. I followed links from that to one of his personal blogs, and discovered an incredibly articulate, outspoken young man who had me nodding in agreement more than once. I succumbed to a mild fangirl moment and emailed him, just to let him know that what he'd written had gotten to me. Well, he recently moved to San Francisco, and suggested we meet up, so we did. Turns out, he's even more articulate in person, lol, and I had an absolute blast.

If you're interested in sexuality or gender issues at all, I highly recommend his blogs. And some of the imagery he posts on his Male Submission Art blog is just gorgeous.
Tags: life, pimp

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