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Guilt presents

I *love* guilt presents. I'm not good at receiving gifts at any occasion, but these don't bother me for some reason. And I got a great one last night from Craig.

See, yesterday morning, Craig went into town center to do some last minute shopping, and he decided to take my car as his has a slow puncture that he needs to get fixed. Well, he left, and 2 minutes later, he's standing back in the doorway, calling my name. When I went out into the kitchen, I saw him there, with my keys dangling from my fingers. Turns out he found them in the ignition of my unlocked car, and proceeded to give me hell for it. I honestly didn't remember doing it, but as I'm constantly misplacing keys and have been known to absentmindedly throw away something of value in the past, I took my scolding like a big girl and pulled out my aren't-I-cute card to diffuse a bit of his annoyance.

Well, an hour later, I got a call from him. He was calling to apologize because he got to the end of our road and promptly remembered that *he'd* been the one to leave my keys in the car as he'd used it for something Sunday morning. He felt so guilty about giving me a hard time that he'd bought me another Christmas gift (after we'd agreed not to buy anything more). He wasn't going to give it to me until Christmas, but cracked last night around 9pm. Telling you what it is, is probably TMI, but let's just say, I *love* Ann Summers and the fact that there's a brand new one right here in town. :)

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