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I fell behind again. I suck. But so much was going on, and then I was somewhere my internet connection wasn't great, and then there was sickness, and...I still suck. So here's yet another overview of what's going on in my life:

1. We get to do the pre-drywall walkthrough tomorrow on the new house. Craig posted new pictures from last weekend, too:

2. I spent last weekend in Cincinnati with Pepper at a readers/writers convention. It was absolutely fantastic. I forgot to post about it, which is my bad, but there were people there who actually wanted to see us, we had a pitch appointment with an agent we really want who then asked for the first 5 chapters of our latest project, and I got to meet Joey Hill and get her to sign my books. Goodness all around.

3. However, I got sick while I was there. That wasn't so good.

4. It was even worse to hear Alicia was sick. And I got home Monday morning to discover she had pink eye. So she missed out on a good part of this week at school, which she wasn't happy about.

5. Today was their last day of school. Before they left this morning, Alicia was already asking, "What are we going to do all summer?"

6. I had an xray done on my hip this morning. It's been bothering me a lot this past month, more so than normal, to the point where my whole leg would randomly go out on me while I was walking along. I'm really hoping it's not some form of arthritis. I'm too young for that.

7. With Linden Bay shutting down, I've had those titles in flux. I got Chains of Jericho back last winter, and sold it to Liquid Silver as a reissue. I got the chance to really tighten up the prose. It amazes me how much I've learned in the past 4 years. My other two titles went to my editor at Samhain, who passed on A Sentry's Touch but really liked Two Lives in Waltz Time. She liked it enough to want to do a second book to it, too, so that's all great news. Those will be 2010 releases.

8. I got a release date for the cougar anthology I'm a part of at Liquid Silver - July 13. It's called Prime Passions, and I'm really proud of it. Bonnie Dee and Veronica Wilde are both talented ladies.

9. I'm still planning on posting that short Spuffy piece I wrote for joss_lass. I'll do that on Sunday, since tomorrow and Saturday are already shot.

And that's it. Lots of little stuff. Lots of time-consuming stuff. I'm alive, and I'm reading everybody, and I miss all of you.
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