Eurydice (eurydice72) wrote,

More bits and pieces

I really need to get back into the habit of updating. So more on the drama that is my life:

1. Craig drilled his finger on Sunday. He was drilling something for the boat, had it in the vise and was all safe, but the bit broke, the drill skidded sideways, and went through his left index finger. It was gushing blood, but we cleaned and wrapped it, and when it looked like it had stopped and he said it didn't hurt anymore, we decided not to go to the ER. He went into the doctor's on Tuesday instead, and we discovered then that it had actually gone all the way through. Completely bypassed bone, nerves, and major veins, somehow. He was very lucky.

2. We went out to the development for a new owner's meeting, and got to see how far along the house is. The second floor is all framed up and Craig got to walk through it with the camera, so we've got some video of that. It's all up on the website if you want to take a look, including some additional photos Craig put up on some of the earlier dates.

3. I am not looking forward to this weekend. At all. The next three days will be insane. School open house tonight, three ball games over Friday and Saturday, then Saturday night, 8 girl scouts descend on my house to spend the night. Something insane I volunteered for. Hell, I even suggested it. I am certifiable.

4. Amidst everything in the next couple days is the fact that my tenth wedding anniversary is tomorrow. We're not doing anything. Maybe we'll order food after Alex's game tomorrow night. Oh, and we're going to go out and buy something for us to commemorate the event.

5. joss_las kind of aborted the last round last summer, scrapping it when it hit the final four, of which I was one. That means I have my last piece that has never seen the public. So I'm going to post that some time soon. Maybe tomorrow.
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