Eurydice (eurydice72) wrote,

American Idol, top 3

1. Danny Gokey - I'm not sure I get Paula's choice at all. This felt very shouty to me, without a lot of range. Plus, I just don't care for it when Danny decides to dance. It was okay, but nothing special.

2. Kris Allen - Oh, I love this song choice for him. What a great chance to show off his range, and I found this lovely and controlled. Far more memorable than Danny, no matter what the judges say. Though yay to Simon for sticking up for Kris.

3. Adam Lambert - I don't understand why they always use the blue light on Adam for him emoting. It's getting old. But the verse on this was absolutely gorgeous. I can't say that I was as keen on the chorus, as it felt a teeny bit too much, and yes, I realize it's Adam and that's what he does, lol. But this was still my favorite of the first three.

4. Danny Gokey - I think this performance - unless Kris does something amazing - secures Danny's position in the final. I loved this. Touching and beautiful.

5. Kris Allen - I thought this was absolutely fantastic, and totally Kris. I have no idea if it's good enough for the final 2, but he's wonderful, and I'll buy his album when it comes out anyway.

6. Adam Lambert - He's incomparable. That's all there is to it. If he's not in the finals, something is seriously, SERIOUSLY wrong.

It's hard to pick who I want in the finals. This is the best top 3 ever, in my opinion. I think Adam is the one who deserves to be in the finals the most, but I would be fine with either one of the other two guys joining him. Make me choose? I'll pick Kris. I think he's a great balance to Adam's energy, and he's more contemporary than Danny.
Tags: american idol

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