Eurydice (eurydice72) wrote,

American Idol, top 5

1. Kris Allen - Ohmigod, this was absolutely wonderful. Soft, tender, romantic, even when he switched up the tempo near the end. What a fantastic way to start the show.

2. Allison Iraheta - Proves Allison can sing and that she's not a one trick pony. Lovely, though I preferred Kris so far.

3. Matt Giraud - You know, this wasn't bad, but it just seemed so pale next to Allison and Kris. I totally disagreed with Simon's assessment. I'll bet this is Matt's last week.

4. Danny Gokey - Aw, Danny, why'd you shave? I liked the beard. He looks so soft without it. I have to admit, I was bored with the first half, and the last bit sounded like he was shouting, which is weird for me to admit considering how much I love Adam, lol. Not my favorite performance of his, though it was better than Matt.

5. Adam Lambert - Nobody makes an entrance like Adam does. Nobody. And he did the one thing none of the others did. He made it contemporary. And that note! OH MY GOD. That's the training. That's the power. And now I'm gushing, lol.

Since there are only 5 left, I'm going to rank them from most liked to least liked, based on these performances:

1. Adam
2. Kris
3. Allison
4. Danny
5. Matt

I think, however, that the finale is going to be Danny/Adam, so my prediction for the bottom two tomorrow night is Matt and Allison, with Matt leaving. The only reason Kris might show up is because he was first and might get forgotten. I sincerely hope he doesn't.
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