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BtVS S4, Ep 11, and AtS S1, Ep 11

Remember when Pepper and I were rewatching BtVS and AtS? And we got stopped because of weird schedules and everything else? Well, we've been talking for months about getting back to it, and so tonight, we did. :)


Favorite Lines
GILES: It's...the end of the world.
WILLOW & XANDER (in unison): Again?

GILES: Oh, as usual, dear.

Favorite Moments
Spike trying to convince Willow he's still scary

The look on Spike's face when he realizes he can still hurt demons

Revelations as I watch
1. Even when they're both standing, Buffy looks so freakin' tiny next to Riley.
2. I love how Buffy's, "You're not looking hard enough," in response to Riley's comment about how she's not even scratched plays on so many levels. He didn't get her then, and he will never get her, not even on such a superficial level.
3. And gee, his first instinct is still to protect the girl first.
4. How does perfect student/smart guy Riley not know about the Slayer and Forrest does?
5. Isn't Willow boiling in that coat? Those kind of parties are always too hot.
6. Spike is so pretty, even with the awful clothes.
7. How does Riley not know what a kip is?
8. Watching this with Craig can be a little annoying sometimes. He laughs at Spike's pronunciation of some words. Like "pouf."
9. Though Riley's comment about Buffy being self-involved hits remarkably close. It's the one thing he got right about her. He should've learned his lesson.
10. The boots with Spike's shorts and hawaiian shirt makes me chortle.
11. Spike's diatribe about Willow and Xander being only groupies and extraneous is exactly why he fucked up in S6.
12. Spike's American accent makes me giggle hysterically.


Favorite Lines
CORDY: No offense Angel, but maybe you are committing those horrible crimes just in your dreams, but even so, I don’t want to stick around for your nocturnal commissions.

WESLEY: Think about it. You can’t walk into a police precinct with intimate knowledge about these murders and claim a 200 year-old Puritan is responsible. You’d be locked up faster than Lady Hamilton’s virtue! (To Cordy) My apologies.
CORDY: That’s okay. I don’t know what that meant.

ANGEL: Get me a stake.
CORDY: It's, like, eight in the morning. Oh! You mean...

Favorite Moment
The fight between Penn and Angel. Both of them.

Revelations as I watch
1. Wesley's linen suit makes me think of creepy Southern gentlemen.
2. Nobody ever got the historical wigs right on this or BtVS.
3. And look, Angel has a pretty boy sidekick who happens to be blond. No, he doesn't have a type. /sarcasm
4. You know, Angel should get a job as the sketch artist for the police.
5. Penn is so much prettier in modern day than he was in the flashbacks.
6. LA vamps are way more supernatural than Sunnydale vamps. Penn's leap into the building was fantastic.
7. I like that Kate is a cop of her word. If she says she's going to shoot, damn it, she'll shoot.
8. Man, I just do not remember Penn being this pretty.
9. Ah, another young man with a desperate need to prove himself to Angel. Though I love the glasses. I find myself craving Penn fic. I don't think I've ever read one before.
10. And all this talk about Penn and the recreating of a son sparked a long discussion with Pepper about how Angel and AtS is really the Oedipal story over and over again...but she's going to write an essay on that, so I won't elaborate anymore, lol.
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