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A year ago, the siding and windows got replaced on our house. It was 2 months of a single guy working, and it was disruptive to say the least. Right when he was finishing, cleaning up some of the rough edges around the windows, he cracked a series of three tiles in one of our bathrooms around the sill. Tiles that they stopped making 15 years ago. Tiles that cannot be replaced with matching ones.

Fast forward.

The owners of our house (we currently rent, because the CA market was always way overpriced until now) spend months trying to find someone who can recreate the tiles because they do not want to replace everything. Months. Finally, in early February, they bring someone in who is going to replace all of the tiles around the window with an accent tile that matches the others instead. Wonderful, right? Except she can't get the work done until May, she says. So we sigh, and say okay because really what else can we say, and go on with our lives where we're paranoid about any kind of water that gets run in that bathroom (the window/broken tiles are over the tub).

Yesterday, we get a call that she's got an opening and have a guy here today. Like I'm going to say no, lol. SO said guy is here now and working, which is a good thing, especially since they are also recaulking our kitchen sink because that has been getting worse and worse for the past year.

I just found out I can't use the sink, or get any water near it for a minimum of 48 hours. He'd prefer we wait 72, but he conceded if I was extra careful, after 48, we could probably get away with it.

I am so tired of this house. Seriously. We've had nothing but problems since the siding got replaced. When the guy did it, he left a hole at one point that animals can use to get under the house. Which they do. Last week, one crawled under there and died, and now we're living with the smell that we can't get rid of no matter what we do. I might be overly sensitive to it, as I'm the only one who notices, but I am constantly airing the house out, even when it's really too cold to have all the doors and windows open downstairs. It bugs me so much. And now I can't do any kind of serious cooking for at least 2 days because I really don't feel like washing pots and pans in the bathtub. I'll be able to get away with silverware, small bowls, and small plates in the bathroom sink if I really have to, but I don't want to.

Arg. I want my own house. Now.

On that front, Craig and I went out yesterday to view houses. We're looking at a community that's NE of us, and would add another 30-45 minutes to his commute everyday, depending on traffic. But that's the closest we can get to the bay and get value for money in regards to houses. We currently have a 2500 sq ft, 5 bedroom house. To buy the equivalent here in town is 850k+. Of the houses we looked at yesterday, the most expensive was 540k, and that was nearly twice this size. And new. We can buy a house for a third of what we'd pay for here if we really wanted to. It's just ridiculous what the difference is.

Of the 10 we viewed yesterday, there's 2 we've shortlisted. I'm arranging to take the kids back to view them as soon as we can and get their opinions. Both are so much better than the house we live in now. I just want out.

In the interim, I'll settle for a kitchen sink that doesn't leak. :P
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