Eurydice (eurydice72) wrote,

American Idol, top 10

1. Matt Giraud - I love Matt and this was a great choice for his voice and style, but the boy can't dance, lol. I hate to say it, but I love him more behind the piano, though the end of the song was fantastic.
2. Kris Allen - Solid, but a little uninspiring after Matt.
3. Scott MacIntyre - Sigh. I feel like anything I say about Scott at this point will just be mean. I agree he's a great guy, an amazing pianist. But...hello? Singing competition? How many weeks are we going to have to put up with the sympathy votes?
4. Megan Joy Corkrey - I thought she sounded better when she was sick. And the falsetto really didn't work. The end got better, but not by much.
5. Anoop Desai - Anoop does best when he does songs that show just how well he can actually sing. Because he can. He's got that whole boy band vibe still, but he gave this song the soft sensuality it needed. So far, my favorite of the night.
6. Michael Sarver - He doesn't have the power for this song, and the ending was just awful. Gads. I'd rather Megan stay than him.
7. Lil Rounds - There's no doubt about it, Lil can blow. This was solid, but I was just looking for some levels so that it didn't all sound the same.
8. Adam Lambert - First of all, with his hair off his face? Shows just how beautiful Adam is. Look at those eyes! And I love how he mixes it up each time, we never know what to expect. He's got the voice to totally pull this off, too. And Smokey gave him a standing ovation. Totally deserved. It was gorgeous.
9. Danny Gokey - Solid, but doesn't feel much different than anything else we've seen from him.
10. Allison Iraheta - God. She owned this song. What an amazing performance. If Adam hadn't been so brilliant, this would've been the performance to beat tonight. As it is, it's my second favorite of the night.

FAVORITE THREE - Adam, Allison, Anoop
BOTTOM THREE - Scott, Michael, Megan

Who's going home? I think it'll be Megan and Michael in the bottom two, and the fact that Michael is sick will save him.
Tags: american idol

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