Eurydice (eurydice72) wrote,

American Idol, top 11 results

Reactions as I'm watching:

1. Allison in the bottom 3? Something is seriously wrong.
2. Michael in the bottom 3. Thank God. Though that was a really mean trick to play on him.
3. Brad Paisley bores me. And he looks like our friend Chris back in the UK.
4. Damn it. Scott's safe. I hope that means Michael is going home.
5. The last spot will be taken by either Alexis or Adam. I can see a case for either one. I'm going to say...Alexis.
6. ...and I was right. OK, now Michael can go home.
7. OK, Ryan, send Allison back now, please.
8. And thank you, at least something went right.
9. Michael is safe?!? NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Please save Alexis, please save Alexis.
10. There is absolutely no way she should be gone and Michael and Scott get to stay. I'm so pissed.
Tags: american idol

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