Eurydice (eurydice72) wrote,

American Idol, top 11

1. Michael Sarver - I didn't like his articulation in this. I only understood every other phrase. It felt like your brother-in-law who's had just enough to drink at the Christmas party and grabs the karaoke machine to mess around.
2. Allison Iraheta - When did she get the vibrato in her voice? I don't remember hearing that before. Better than Michael, but nothing to write home about.
3. Kris Allen - I thought this was absolutely lovely. Evocative and sweet, and I finally understand 100% why he's there.
4. Lil Rounds - It was a strong vocal, but then Lil can sing. I guess I was just a little bored by it, maybe because of the song choice and it seems so overdone.
5. Adam Lambert - Simon is totally going to skewer this, I can see it coming. I have never heard this version of Ring of Fire, and while I think it's totally Adam, and it shows just what his range is and that he can sing, I can't say that I really enjoyed it very much.
6. Scott MacIntyre - I still don't like his vocals, unfortunately, but at least his hair wasn't as fluffy this week. And it got more interesting when the tempo picked up. Though not much.
7. Alexis Grace - I like Alexis' lower register much better than her upper register, but this is definitely one of the better performances of the night for me.
8. Danny Gokey - Whoever put that white coat on Danny needs to be shot. The verse was really boring, and while I liked the soulfulness of the chorus, he doesn't have the power that I kept waiting for, and it felt like he was shouting a good part of it.
9. Anoop Desai - I'm liking the softer performances tonight. Anoops was controlled, impassioned, and showcased the fact that he's a singer, and a damn good one.
10. Megan Joy Corkrey - I don't like the arrangement at all. Megan can go home now. I know the judges love her, but I don't see who is voting for her. OK, I see that she's sick, and considering that, it's impressive, but I still don't really care for her.
11. Matt Giraud - Lovely and heartfelt. One of my favorites of the night.

MY FAVORITE THREE - Kris, Matt, Anoop
MY BOTTOM THREE - Megan, Michael, Scott

Who do I think is going home? Michael is my first choice, but I think his fanbase is too large still to make that happen. I'm going to say Megan unless she gets a sympathy vote because she's sick.
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