Eurydice (eurydice72) wrote,

Tweets for the day

  • 10:26 Nyquil might be a blessing to help sleep while I'm sick, but waking up and functioning during the day is a nightmare. #
  • 12:14 I suppose I would have more energy if I had more than half a cup of coffee and a cough drop today... #
  • 18:06 One of these days, I'll manage more than one meal a day... #
  • 20:31 With Pepper at movies, can watch anything I want on TV & not get scolded for being distracted...& choose Die Hard instead of something new #
  • 21:13 God, Alan Rickman is so damn yummy in this movie. I swear, I orgasm just at the sound of his voice. #
  • 21:38 I think I'm starting to finally recover. I'm actually hungry. #

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