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American Idol - Top 13

1. Lil Rounds - This girl takes no prisoners when she sings. A real powerhouse, and though she didn't really do much to change this up and make it uber interesting (unlike what Randy said), it was still great.

2. Scott MacIntyre - I am going to be one of those who just doesn't understand how this guy lasts as long as he will. He is not a great singer. He's got a great story, and he's a great piano player, and he's a great guy. But he is not a great singer.

3. Danny Gokey - I love Danny, but there were definite parts of this song that he shouted. However, the audience loved him, and he knows how to engage people. So safe this week.

4. Michael Sarver - Another nice guy with okay vocals. I always liked him in the early rounds, but he chose a song that was too big for him this week. He hit that last note, but that was about the only one. I fear for his safety.

5. Jasmine Murray - Solid, sweet vocals which was nice, but not necessarily hugely memorable.

6. Kris Allen - I liked his performance, but I thought it was a weird song choice since it didn't really seem to give him much of an opportunity to show off his voice. But this must be the guy the judges were referring to in the semis when they kept talking about him and his guitar. It just brought him to life. I might actually remember him now.

7. Allison Iraheta - I love this girl's voice. It boggles me that she's 16. That being said, while I think this was true to who she is and she certainly sang the hell out of it, there wasn't a ton of range.

8. Anoop Desai - I have to say I don't understand Anoop's song choice. It's...a dance song. It's not a singing song. I don't think he's in danger, but I...don't get it.

9. Jorge Nunez - I didn't think this one was horrible, but I always struggle to remember Jorge after he's done. Tonight was no exception.

10. Megan Joy Corkrey - I don't think any of the others would have had balls to try this song. I like that she dared to be different, but I can't say that it blew me away.

11. Adam Lambert - Ohmigod. LOVED this. Loved, loved, loved this. The man works the stage, he's got incredible presence, and man, the vocals on this were wicked crazy.

12. Matt Giraud - I wondered what having the piano would do for him. It gives him confidence and grace, and should make him completely safe for the week.

13. Alexis Grace - I liked Kara's description. Naughty and sexy. I think Simon was a little hard on Alexis, especially considering how unmemorable so many others were tonight.

MY FAVORITE THREE - Adam, Lil, Alexis
MY BOTTOM THREE - Scott, Jorge, Michael

Who do I think is going home? Tough call. I'll say Jasmine, because she just didn't stand out and doesn't have the fanbase the others do, and...Jorge or Michael. I think they both have strong fanbases, but other people were just too good in comparison.
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