Eurydice (eurydice72) wrote,

American Idol - 2nd Semifinals Round

1. Jasmine Murray - I love Jasmine's voice, but the song was a little rough at the start. She came into her own on the chorus, but I expected it to pop a lot more than it did.
2. Matt Giraud - Someone else I had huge hopes for, but his voice was so shaky throughout. Was he that nervous? I lost so many of the low notes, and the high notes were not clean. Damn it. I really liked him.
3. Jeanine Vailes - She's the sexy girl, not because of her singing, though the fact that we didn't see much of her before doesn't give me anything to compare it to.
4. Nick Mitchell - Oh, wait, he came out as Norman Gentle. You know what gets me about this guy? He's entertaining, and he makes me smile in ways nobody else on this show ever did. Plus, he can actually sing. But is he the next American Idol? No. This isn't really what the show is about, but he's going to get some attention from this which is probably all he wants anyway.
5. Allison Iraheta - I love this girl! Brassy, ballsy, memorable, and blew that song out.
6. Kris Allen - Michael Jackson? After hearing the judges tell people last week not to touch Michael Jackson, he picks one of his songs? Mistake. Not awful, but really mediocre. I agreed with Kara.
7. Megan Joy Corkrey - I'm not sure what to make of this girl. Part of me wants to love her. When she nails a note, she's amazing. And I love how quirky she is. But...there were moments when it was hard to listen to her. But I think the judges are right about how relevant and marketable she is.
8. Matt Breitzke - I liked Matt in the early shows, but I wasn't blown away. I was more blown away by his personality than anything else. And...that hasn't changed. I liked the beginning of the song and thought it could really go someplace, and then it didn't. I think in the end I'll have a hard time remembering what he sang.
9. Jesse Langseth - I love this song, but I hated this rendition. Her voice is so nasal. Blech.
10. Kai Kalama - Craig and I got into an argument about Kai's hair so I have to admit that I didn't hear much of the song. Craig hates it. I love Kai's look, and for whatever reason, I think he's sexy as hell. But judging from what was said, it sounds like I didn't miss much.
11. Mishavonna Henson - I like her voice, but I didn't like her song selection. I don't think it did her any favors until the end, and by then, I had already decided I didn't like it enough to want her to stick around. I dunno. We'll see.
12. Adam Lambert - THey said what he was singing, and I was all, "What?!? Why on earth would he pick this song? It's a band song. It's not a singer's song at all." And Adam can *sing*. He's got the control to actually do some serious stuff, and he picked this??? On the other hand, he nailed it. It was campy and over the top, is Adam. But...comparing him to Robert Pattinson, Randy? Dude.

1. Allison
2. Adam
3. Matt, but not because of tonight's performance.

I think Adam is the only sure bet of those, though. I'd like to think Allison is a sure bet, but...I don't know. Megan is possible. Matt's previous popularity might help him. Jasmine's lovely but not tonight. And then there's Nick/Norman who gave the most entertaining performance of the night. If America can vote Taylor Hicks as its idol, does that mean they're going to put Nick through?

I guess I'll find out tomorrow night.
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