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Little Miss Crankypants

That would be me. It's been a pisser of a morning, with the stupid US government enacting new bioterrorism laws that require anyone shipping food products into the United States to register it prior to shipping with the FDA, miles and miles of traffic and stupid drivers on the road, multiple trips into town center because that's where the only post office is that can handle my package to the US, the grocery store being out of what I wanted for lunch, and now Craig has just announced that he has to go into work and won't be home until after 10:30 tonight after promising me he'd stay home today and help me with stuff.

So I'm a little cranky right now. My apologies ahead of time if I jump down anyone's throat, because it's not you I'm angry at (unless you're George Bush, a deli counter employer who knows squat about your own products, or a cranky postal worker who is annoyed because the first postal worker told you to jump the queue when you came back). I'm making up for it by showing everyone the gorgeous icon eyesthatslay made for my next fic. I know I said this yesterday, but it really, really, really makes me want to work on it. And I really, really, really shouldn't because I have Rook to finish, W/W to work on, and my babystepsverse secret santa fic to do.

Maybe I'll just work on my outline of it. Think that will satisfy the craving?

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