Eurydice (eurydice72) wrote,

American Idol - 1st Semifinals Round

1. Jackie Tohn - I love this girl, but she totally picked the wrong song. She had fun, sure, and got her wish to get Paula up on her feet, but...damn. I just feel like she shot herself in the foot with this song selection. If she gets through, it'll be on personality.
2. Ricky Braddy - Nice voice, and definitely a better vocal than Jackie, but it just seemed to lack zing for me.
3. Alexis Grace - So far, my favorite vocal, though her lower register isn't nearly as strong as her upper. She was sexy and fun, but I'm convinced she hasn't shown us what she can really do.
4. Brent Keith - Okay, I suppose. If this were previous years, I don't think he'd automatically leave, but there is no way this guy will be in the top 3 of the night.
5. Stevie Wright - Oh. Ouch. I remember loving Stevie's audition, but this was just painful. It had to be nerves, but her pitch was all over the place, and it was...not good.
6. Anoop Desai - I thought this was pretty, but honestly, Anoop can do better, too. But one way or another, he's in the top 12. I have no doubts on that.
7. Casey Carlson - She hit the first big note so sharp that every single adult on my couch - all five of us - cringed in unison. Just awful. She looked far more mature during the performance - she is a beautiful girl - but as she stood there taking the criticism, she looked younger and younger and younger.
8. Michael Sarver - You know, I liked him before tonight. But he started singing, and all I could think of was when Bo sang this, and soooooooooooo much better. This was just all over the place.
9. Anne Marie Boskovich - Rough start. It smoothed out a little at the end, and wasn't as awful as some of the other girls, but...the hardest part about watching her was wondering if Tatiana is going to be even halfway decent, that she might actually stand a chance of getting through. Why couldn't the girls have been absolutely amazing?
10. Stephen Fowler - I expected great things. I figured anybody who could still make it after walking off the stage had to be amazing. And he wasn't. He was boring and not nearly interesting enough to have a spot here when others got cut.
11. Tatiana del Toro - Considering how awful most of the other girls were, she might actually make it. She can actually sing when she applies herself, but Simon is right. She's such a drama queen, and I just want her gone. The head tosses, the fakeness... *shudders*
12. Danny Gokey - I hate Mariah Carey, but I LOVED, LOVED, LOVED this. My favorite of the night. By far. He didn't try to be Mariah, but he still nailed it.

1. Danny
2. Alexis
3. Anoop

And I pretty much think that's going to be it. I think the only girl that gives Alexis a run for her money is Tatiana unfortunately. But Danny absolutely has to go through. And Anoop's popularity is too high not to make it, too.
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