Eurydice (eurydice72) wrote,

Not a very productive day, but it had its moments. We had a girls afternoon at the mall today - me, Alicia, the MIL and the aunt-in-law. 3 hours of shopping because Alicia had a gift card to use. She got some adorable new clothes, and I got some cute underwear from Victoria's Secret, as well as a couple belts since I've lost enough weight for most of my jeans to be able to go up and down without undoing the fly, lol.

I also set up my tweets to start showing up over at LJ, but I think I've managed to work it out so they go behind a cut so nobody has to see them without clicking. I'm finding Twitter easier for me right now, for some reason. Short little snippets are easy to share.

And now I'm beat, so I'm off to an early night. I'm trying to stick with this posting every day and keep in touch with things. So far so good. :)
Tags: life

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