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The muse is back...

...and in full force. :) Got the next chapter of Voices back in my box this morning with a comment from Lori that made me go, whoa, I never thought of that. It ended up meaning I rewrote a third of the chapter and replotted the next several, but I like it so much better now. Plus, it's already up, so if you're following along, go on and check it out. It's an exposition chapter so I hope it makes sense. So much backstory, so little time.

My aim is to get the next Rook chapter up tomorrow, too. Tomorrow is Alex's first day at nursery so it will be my first day completely on my own during the entire day. That hasn't really happened---outside of vacations---since he was born. He's so ready to start though. It was turning into a nightmare trying to drag him away when I dropped Alicia off. He's such a social little thing, and has way too much energy for his own good. Yesterday, I walked out of the room to go into the kitchen for something. When I came back 3 minutes later, I found him sprawled on a mounted shelf in an alcove, 5 1/2 feet off the ground. He had knocked everything off of it onto the floor to accommodate himself. Needless to say, I moved everything away from there to forestall that happening again. I know it will, but I plan on postponing it as long as possible.

After the nightmare that was yesterday morning, waking up this morning was an absolute dream. I had a notification in my mailbox that Charms had won best long story, Voices had won most unique storyline, and I had won best author over at Eternal Devotion. Plus, one of my favorite stories, Trisha's The Keeper of Truth won an award, too, as well as some other favorites of mine. It's always nice to see quality stories recognized. I've got strong feelings about fanfic awards, but maybe I'll share those at some other time.

Oh, and at some point today, I'll tell you about my dream last night. Let's just say, Mercedes McNab got fired, I got hired to replace her, and there were conventions involved...Yum...

Ta for now! :)

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