Eurydice (eurydice72) wrote,

Well, I survived my day leading Girl Scouts. And actually got a ton of compliments on how well it went. So now I can get some decent sleep. No more dreams of being completely shunned at my high school reunion. Or getting mauled by a tiger. And all the cookies we made are going into work with Craig tomorrow...except for the two peppermint fudge dream cookies I ate. Oops.

However, I'm going to share that recipe soon. All the moms nicked at least 2 of those, so it wasn't just me. They're absolutely delish.

Can this month be over, please? It's just been awful. First, we lost the contest (and we're still in limbo about our stories). Then yesterday we got a rejection from Ellora's Cave...on a story they already rejected over a year ago. In fact, we already published it with Samhain. And yet someone over at EC dug it out of some slush pile and found it necessary to reject us a second time. And today, I got notification that the very first book I had ever e-published, "Chains of Jericho," is being released from the contract, and that the rights are getting reverted back to me. Which means it's now homeless.

So...yeah. I would like to be done with all this awful stuff now, please.
Tags: girl scouts, writing

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