Eurydice (eurydice72) wrote,

So today was probably my first foray into what it means to be a Girl Scout mom. I mean, I've been taking Alicia to the meetings, and I hang out when it looks like my help might be needed (and when I can be assured that I'm not going to be too thoroughly annoyed), but really, my participation has been pretty minimal.

Well, today was the first time with selling. A table in front of Long's with the 10 different varieties of nuts and candies they're selling for fall. Thankfully, I had Chris to keep me company, and Alicia and Chris' daughter are glued to the hip, so they were just fine. And honestly, the three hours pretty much zipped by. It could have been a lot worse.

Wednesday, however, I get thrown in with both feet. I volunteered to do a cooking/crafts thing here at home for the girls. I've got them making Thanksgiving trees (a project where they write what they're grateful for on individual leaves and then affix them to the trees we make), recipe journals (which is even easier because all they're doing is decorating the covers of plain journals), pumpkin-shaped peanut butter cookies (the actual cooking portion of the meeting), and decorating pre-made cookies to look like reindeer. Chris thinks I'm going a little overboard. I might be. But I'd rather have too much for them to do than not enough. And honestly, they have to do something while things are baking, so the crafts projects seemed like a perfect idea. Oh, and we're going to have them do a massive thank you card for Long's for letting us sell in front of their store.

I'm nervous as all heck about it, to be honest. I still can't stand the troop leader, so I kind of want this to turn out really well in order to rub it in her face. Which is petty and vindictive, but honestly, the way she condescends to me all the time makes me really not care how petty I'm being.

Wish me luck. I'm probably going to need it, lol.
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