Eurydice (eurydice72) wrote,

Damn it, I was going to be so much better about posting, and now I've gone and missed 3 days in a row. But it's Thursday, which means Weight Watchers, so I have to post my progress.

I hit my 15 pound loss mark! Woo hoo! Right on the nose, actually. At least on their scales. My weight had dipped down Tuesday to below my gall bladder operation weight - which I was terribly pleased to see - but it was high again this morning on one of those weird weight fluctuation things my body does. I know my loss is probably a little bit more than the 15, but hey, that'll just show up next week most likely. I know it's going down, which is really all that matters. I'm in control of my eating, and feeling far more secure about maintaining it than I did when I started.

So all is good. I'm learning Christmas music on my new guitar for the holidays, I got Alex's birthday party booked this morning, and Pepper and I are nearly done with a het shifter novella we did as a respite from all the gay romance we've been writing. Life is moving along quite nicely. :)
Tags: diet, life, writing

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