Eurydice (eurydice72) wrote,

We had to spend a couple hours at the doctor's office this morning. Alex has had a cold and persistent cough for almost a month now, and this morning, he wandered into our bedroom complaining he couldn't breathe. So we took him in. He was *so* wheezy, they had to put him on oxygen for 15 minutes just to clear his lungs enough to get a good listen.

Turns out his cold and coughing have messed with his lungs to the point where they're all constricting. So he's now got an inhaler to use until it clears. It about broke my heart the first time he used it after we got home. He got his two blasts, took a breath, and then beamed up at me and exclaimed how wonderful it was to be able to breathe.

Craig had mild asthma as a kid. I had a chronic bronchial cough. Poor Alex never had a chance, lol.
Tags: alex

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