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Fic question

OK, I'm in a pickle. I have my next fic all outlined and ready to start writing. It's themed with snow and Christmas. BUT, I've decided that I really like only having the one WIP, and I don't want to start a new fic until Rook is done. Which won't be in time for Christmas, most likely. So I'm wondering...will people read a fic set around Christmas, with a lot of Christmas-y kind of stuff in it, after Christmas? Is everyone Christmas'd out when January rolls around and so won't want to read a fic set around then?

I have absolutely no idea. So, I'm asking you. What do you think? It's not a short fic (when are my stories ever short?), so would probably take a couple months to write. And I've got just as much passion for it as I ever do when I start a fic. However, I've also got the jones for a couple other ideas, so if I waited on this, that would be OK, too. Sigh. See my pickle?

What do you think? Inquiring minds would like to know. OK, this inquiring mind. :)

Poll #217638 Christmas Fic: Seasonal or Not?

Is January too late to start a Christmas fic?

Yes, I'd rather wait until it's more seasonal.
No, the season won't matter. I'll read it anyway.
What? You're not going to do the William fic next? But...but...I want the William fic!


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