Eurydice (eurydice72) wrote,

BtVS S4, Ep 6, and AtS S1, Ep 6

Wild at Heart

Favorite Lines
Willow: Oz...don't you love me?
Oz: My whole life...I've never loved anything else.

Favorite Moment
It's hard to call it my favorite, but the whole scene where Willow is sobbing in Oz's room as he's packing destroys me.

Revelations as I watch
1. I'm going to say right off the bat, this episode makes me cry.
2. Oh, I forgot about Spike lurking while Buffy is slaying. Not that watching him go down makes me happy, but it's funny how all his speeches get cut off.
3. Oz never blinks when he's watching Veruca. Which of course is what Willow is noticing.
4. This whole episode is going to kill me. The bedtalk scene between Willow and Oz is pretty darn near perfect for me.
5. Oz couldn't afford a door with right angles?
6. I would expect Maggie Walsh to react better than throwing her briefcase at Oz. And what the hell is she running around Sunnydale after dark without a weapon?
7. Veruca's a big ol' ho. I hate her. Yes, it's irrational because I hate that she broke them up.
8. When she finds Oz and Veruca together...that's when I start crying. Willow's reaction hurts so much.
9. OK, Oz doesn't misstep with me very often, but his reminding Willow of what happened with Xander is low. Even if he doesn't mean to.
10. The shame of it is, this whole experience with Veruca teaches Willow the wrong lesson. That she has to be so much more in control, the strong one, the one with the power, in order to be able to a) not get hurt again, and b) not lose someone again. Though it backfires so dramatically with Tara.
11. More than once in this ep, Willow looks taller than normal. It makes me wonder if they're deliberately shooting low in order to get that effect.

Sense & Sensitivity

Favorite Line
Cordy: Wait, you've got pensive face.
Angel: I've always got pensive face.
Cordy: Well, pensive-r face.

Favorite Moment
Angel in his Hawaiian shirt. The whole Herb Saunders bit cracks me up.

Revelations as I watch
1. So you think they planned having a gut-wrenching episode paired up with one of the goofiest Angel eps ever?
2. Jesus. Joss and his father no character safe?
3. Of all the W&H attorneys, Lee Mercer is the one I hate the most. He's just all slippery and oozy and icky. The whole zero affect thing is creepy as hell.
4. And I just can't concentrate on this. Wild at Heart is still tearing me up. I called Craig all upset between eps tonight just to hear his voice. That's how bad it was, lol.
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