Eurydice (eurydice72) wrote,

I leave bright and early tomorrow for pepperlandgirl4's house. As excited as I am about going, I'm stressed about the prep. Craig teased me when he got home from work today, asking where I would like him to pile up all the mail while I'm gone. I told him he's not getting away with that this time, that I'm calling every night to sit and go over the mail with him. We were gone for a week at the lake, and I came back to a Trader Joe bag full of mail and 11 packages. I shudder to think about what would happen if the mail didn't get touched for 12 days.

Coming up...BtVS resumes tomorrow! It's not happening tonight because I have got to go to bed early in order to leave the house at 6am for the airport. Plus, I think Pepper is going to catch the X-Files movie. But once I'm at her house, no more excuses.

Also...a new Soul chapter Monday.

So I should probably get off the computer and finish the laundry so that I can pack. Joy. I fear what it's going to look like when I return because I don't think Craig even knows how to use our washing machine.
Tags: btvs, fic, life

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