Eurydice (eurydice72) wrote,

Two days until I leave. I have so much to get done before I go. Why do trips away always generate so much work?!?

No Buffy last night because of a bad storm at Pepper's. And no Buffy tonight because she's at her mom's. We'd hoped to finish S3 before I left, but that's not going to happen now. Still, there won't be any coordinating of schedules once I'm there. Thank god. :)

Anybody read Lori Handeland? I had read a short story by her of the "My Big Fat Supernatural..." books, and liked it enough to pick up the first book of her werewolf Moon series. I really, really enjoyed it, even though werewolves aren't usually my thing. She's actiony, with a smart heroine, and a hot professor Native American hero. Well, in the first book at least. It looks like each one has a different set of leads.

Right now I'm reading "Jade Tiger" by Jenn Reese. Chick martials arts with another hottie professor. I think I have a thing for hot smart guys, lol. But this is another one I'm really enjoying. It's a little heavy on the martial arts action sequences, but Shan (the heroine) is smart and has a sense of humor, which are pretty much my two biggest requirements in heroines. The author's voice is engaging, too, which helps. I'll let you know if the second half holds up to the first.

Other than goes on. The family has been addicted to Civilization on the xbox. Including me. Stupid game. July's also been heavy on releases for both me and our Jamie Craig counterpart. I've had two novellas come out, and we've had three JC novellas come out, with a fourth coming out this weekend. Plus, we managed to get 6 titles on three different e-pub bestseller lists for the 2nd quarter which is always nice. :)
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