Eurydice (eurydice72) wrote,

S3, Ep 11


Favorite Lines
Willow: A doodle. I do doodle. You, too. You do doodle, too.

Snyder: I love the smell of desperate librarian in the morning.

Buffy: Is she? Is Sunnydale any better than when I first came here? Okay, so I battle evil. But I don't really win. The bad keeps coming back and getting stronger. Like that kid in the story, the boy that stuck his finger in the duck.
Angel: Dike. It's another word for dam.
Buffy: Oh. Okay, that story makes a lot more sense now.

Cordelia: Okay, I think I liked the two little ones more than the one big one.

Favorite Moment
I have to pick a favorite? I hate this episode. Okay...Cordy finding Giles and commenting on how many times he's been knocked out. But that's really stretching it.

Revelations as I watch
1. I'm now sure how Joyce ever thought going out to see Buffy and demons is ever a good idea.
2. Xander's overcompensation with Oz doesn't only make Willow uncomfortable.
3. How does Joyce get from "cult" to "witch"? I think the word she's looking for is "coven."
4. "Got skinned?" How many people have been skinned in Sunnydale to make that a notable option?
5. Ah, lighting from below. Guaranteed to make people look evil.
6. Hurting the books hurts me. Ouch.
7. It's so hard for me to watch this ep. I know it's magic. I know it's not supposed to be their fault. But everything the adults do makes me angry. So angry I just want to turn it off. Plus the burning of the books? Bad, bad, bad.
8. How did they ever know that rat was Amy? If they'd never turned her back, that would have been funny. That all those years, Willow had the wrong rat.
Tags: btvs

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