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There wasn't any Buffy watching - much to Craig's chagrin - because I messed up. I responded to a Jamie Craig email yesterday, and then saw, way further down in our email, the message about a due date I'd forgotten. The print version of Trinity Broken comes out at the end of October, and in mid-June - when I was recovering from school ending, the inlaws leaving and the like - we got the galley to proof. Due when? July 7.

As of yesterday morning, I had done exactly zero. So I spent the entire day working on it. It might not have taken me as long, but - oh yeah - the monthly friend I'd like to stab arrived with a vengeance. So I was not in top form all day. I finished just a little over midnight.

I still have another - much shorter - galley to do, and a novella to edit, but we are back to Buffy watching tonight, no matter what. I got scolded last night by Craig since he loves the show as much as I do, lol.

On a totally different note...I'm wondering how many people on my flist do home canning? The bulk of my childhood was spent in my grandmother's house and it was an annual thing - Grandma took her canning *very* seriously; the woman pitted cherries with a hairpin so they wouldn't lose their shape and placed peas in a jar with a knitting needle so she could get even rows - but darned if I can remember much. We got a jar of plum jam from a neighbor for Christmas last year that Alicia loves, and Craig's nan still sends jam home with him when he visits, so I thought maybe it was time to start doing some myself. Especially considering what inflation is doing.

So...does anyone have favorite recipes? Sites they visit? Tips that I'm insane?
Tags: btvs, cooking

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