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Smut and birthdays...

Well, the day was a huge success. Got lots of pictures of my little boy and everyone else, and actually managed not to work myself to death doing it all. Kind of a nice feeling. :)

AND...drum roll please...I actually managed to finish the Rook chapter. AND, it's smut, AND, it's all Buffy and Spike. No pesky plot to get in the way. No secondary characters to distract you from B/S. As fluffy as I'm going to get in this one, I think. So, you better enjoy it because we've got a long plot/action section coming up. Hee. :)

Oh! And look at my pretty icon that nikita_80 made! She used the graphic from the original challenge, and it was part of the reason I was prompted to give this one a go. Go give her lots of love; I certainly will. :)

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