Eurydice (eurydice72) wrote,

S2, Eps 21 & 22

Becoming, Pt. 1

Favorite Lines
Snyder: This isn't an orgy, people. It's a classroom.
Buffy: Yeah, where they teach lunch.

Spike: Someone wasn't worthy...

Angelus: You never learn, do you? This wasn't about you. This was never about you. And you fall for it every single time!

Whistler: So what are we, helpless? Puppets? No. The big moments are gonna come. You can't help that. It's what you do afterwards that counts. That's when you find out who you are.

Favorite Moment
Xander laying it out on the line for Buffy. I don't agree with everything he said, and I don't think he's giving his friends enough credit, but he does speak truth, and the tension between the group just ripples.

Revelations as I watch
1. I had totally forgotten Whistler narrates the beginning.
2. Darla is utterly, breathtakingly beautiful in the opening of this.
3. A little aside...I've always thought the Sideshow Liam looked like Elvis.
4. Darla hardly took any blood from Liam at all, so Pepper and I have decided she must have super sucking power. Another good reason for her to be the love of Angel's life. :D
5. Xander seems to have a thing for doing puppet theater with his food.
6. Part of Dru's devotion, too, probably stems from the fact that Angelus takes her visions seriously and Spike doesn't.
7. Wait a second. Giles says that Acathla torments all non-demon life. But Angel is a demon. Even if he has a soul, he shouldn't be tormented. There's no mention of souls or anything like that. Is Angel just special, or is Joss taking the soul shortcut that having one makes them worthy of being called human?
8. There's just nothing about the scene with Stalker!Pedophile!Angel watching Buffy with the lollipop that isn't icky.
9. Angel's "I want to help her" is code for "I want to jump her."
10. It's ridiculous that she fell for the same trick the Master pulled. Didn't she learn anything?!? It's a set-up, Buffy!
11. For as many vamps that come through the stacks, you'd think Giles would have protected those better.

Becoming, Pt. 2

Favorite Lines
Spike: Hello, cutie.

Buffy: And I may lose more! The whole earth may be sucked into Hell, and you want my help 'cause your girlfriend's a big ho? Well, let me take this opportunity to *not* care.
Spike: I can't fight them both alone, and neither can you!
Buffy: I hate you.
Spike: And I'm all you've got.

Angelus: Keep out of it, sit 'n' spin.

Giles: It's a trick. They get inside my head, make me see things I want.
Xander: Then why would they make you see me?
Giles: You're right. Let's go.

Buffy: Close your eyes.

Favorite Moment
I'm not Bangel, but those final moments before she has to send him to Hell are killer.

Revelations as I watch
1. I got so wrapped up in watching, I totally forgot about commentary, until Spike walked on and I squee'd!
2. Spike's hair looks extra-white in this episode.
3. Their whole scene at the cop car just makes me bounce. I love the way they never look away from each other when they walk away, and when they're walking up to Buffy's house and they're still watching each other.
4. My favorite Pepper observation of the night, in reference to the Spike/Buffy scene at the cop car - "man so much about their relationship is summed up in this scene, it's like a tiny 2 minute run down on the history and future of William the Bloody and Buffy Summers"
5. Xander totally deserves her asking for Oz, considering how much he's ignored her.
6. Why are all of Angelus' clothes shiny?
7. I think some of Joyce's attempts are really pathetic, but I have to say that I do understand her reaction to want it to stop, to want an explanation from Buffy.
8. See! More hints that Snyder has a plot with the Mayor! Why oh why didn't they follow through?
9. Using Dru on Giles is just mean. And Giles' resolve in the face of Angelus makes me cheer and love him more.
10. Spike should really take it as a sign when Dru tries to stop him from hurting Angel.
11. So why did Kendra's Watcher have the matching sword to the one in Acathla? How did it end up in Jamaica?
12. So why does Spike cutting off Dru's air make her pass out? She doesn't breathe.
13. It's kind of sad how Spike needs to grab Dru and clutch her to him, even in the sanctuary of his car.
14. It's hard to hear how much faith they still have in Buffy when she's about to run away from them.
15. The "Oh, I need a hug" over the Mutant Enemy logo kills me, lol.

Pepper and I are starting Season 3 on Saturday night. We knew we were taking tomorrow night off, but with Friday night the 4th here in the US, it would mean watching two eps and then not anything until Saturday, and we kind of like the continuous. :)
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