Eurydice (eurydice72) wrote,

S2, Eps 11 & 12

Not the best episodes tonight...


Favorite Lines
Xander: Can you say, over-reaction?
Buffy: Can you say, sucking chest wound?

Favorite Moment
It's morbid, but I love Jenny shooting Giles.

Revelations as I watch
1. Ah, Angel's sources say the contract on Buffy with the Order of Taraka was called off. There's my answer from last night.
2. I fear enjoying John Ritter will be tainted by his death. I suppose we shall see.
3. Ohmigod. Computer disks. I suppose someday we'll look upon pen drives with disdain, too.
4. OK, I know there are some people on my list who were or are Bangels. And I'm doing my best here, but...the kissing creeps me out. I'm sorry. And it's not because I love Spuffy. It's the whole age difference thing and the fact that she's not even 16. I don't write Buffy with *anybody* while she's in high school. It just squicks me out.
5. My worrying was for nothing. Ted is suitably creepy.
6. As soon as Joyce comes into the fight and Ted stops fighting back, Buffy really does look psychotic beating him up.
7. This is one of those times when super Slayer healing really sucks.
8. Willow wears a lot of orange.
9. Ah, the first glimmers of her conflict next season with Faith.
10. Joyce is a total moron for buying Ted's story. Also, methinks she might have been very understanding of Spike's Buffybot.
11. I can imagine the storyroom. "No, don't show the dead wives. That's make-up, and extras, and we just don't have room in the budget. That appliance for Ritter cost us an arm and a leg! Let's just have Xander's reaction! Yeah! People will buy that!"

Bad Eggs

Favorite Lines
Tector: That the Slayer?
Lyle: Yep.
Tector: Ain't that Angelus with her?
Lyle: Yep.
Tector: Well, how come she ain't slayin'? And how come he's about to make me blush?
Lyle: Well, I don't know, Tector. And how come you's always askin' me so many stupid questions?

Favorite Moment
The Gorches in the sewers. Their conversation is the most entertaining thing in the episode. Hell, everything about them is the most entertaining things in this episode.

Revelations as I watch
1. Man, Joyce even *shops* at old woman stores.
2. So Pepper has questions. The Gorches know Angelus, yet he wasn't in the US in the late 19th century. So when exactly did they hook up?
3. I'm kind of surprised Angel is content with just kissing with Buffy. There's got be more going on there.
4. Buffy's alarm clock sounds exactly like the one I had in college. Hearing it makes me jump.
5. Somehow, I'm not surprised that Xander is the one with the tough love approach to parenting.
6. Joyce's hair is so much cuter when it's curly and not that smooth ugly bob thing she tries to get away with every once in awhile.
7. You know, this episode is just *bad*. It's hard to stay interested in it because there's just not a whole lot to engage me.
8. Joyce has serious issues. This won't be the last time she tries to kill Buffy.
Tags: btvs

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