Eurydice (eurydice72) wrote,

Episodes 7 & 8

S1, Episodes 7 & 8...lights down, curtains up...


Favorite Lines
Angel: I want it finished!
Darla: That's good. You're hurting me. That's good, too.

Darla: Ooo, scary. (Pulls out guns) Scarier.

Favorite Moment
It's a tie between Buffy training with Giles with the quarterstaff, and Angel pinning Darla to the wall. That was hot. Way hot.

Revelations as I watch:
1. The Slayer intro is back?!? Damn. What's up with that?
2. Willow is entranced by Xander's dancing? Willow needs to watch more MTV.
3. So if a vampire has to be invited in, how did the one chasing Buffy get his arm inside?
4. I swear, Angel's tattoo looks different than it does in later seasons.
5. Does Buffy *really* think her mom doesn't hear two sets of footsteps coming up the stairs? I sure did.
6. You know, Buffy really has no compunction changing in front of men in her bedroom, does she? She did it in front of Xander when she was getting ready for her date, and she does it later in front of Spike. Methinks Buffy's a big ol' ho at heart.
7. Why does Angel vamp out from just a little kissing? If he's really that hard up, they have hookers for that.
8. Wow. Seeing this from the beginning, listening to really looks like she's going the whole Catholic school girl because she thinks that's what Angel wants now. And as Pepper said, being a Catholic school girl for Angel "makes perfect sense on a lot of freaking levels." It casts a very interesting light on everything, considering she makes it so clear in China that she doesn't want anything to do with him. And Darla's eavesdropping in the library with that look on her face?
9. Man. Angel and Darla are so hot together. You know, I think even if I'd watched this the first time through without knowing about Angel, I would have shipped Angel/Darla instead of Angel/Buffy.
10. Someone needs to sit down with Buffy and explain that sparkly jackets in the dark will catch and scatter whatever light there is available. Not good for the stealthy, Buffy.
11. You know what I love about Darla? She's smart. None of this namby-pamby posturing. She brings the guns to the fight with the humans.

I Robot, You Jane

Favorite Line
Giles: I'll be back in the Middle Ages.
Jenny: Did you ever leave?

Favorite Moment
Xander going over the fence at CRD. I laughed so hard at his thud.

Revelations as I watch:
1. Moloch looks like a Fyarl demon. I never realized that before. Pepper says it's just make-up being lazy.
2. OK, the talking to the computer screen is just a little creepy.
3. You know, Buffy is in no position to be judging stalkery behavior.
4. Yeah, I totally would have failed the so-called moral lesson of this episode. If online is bad, I'm going straight to hell without passing go.
5. And Giles' judgmental attitude about those boys not being normal anyway is totally not helping.
6. Why oh why does Buffy own so many ugly coats?
7. Who knew trying to make Willow feel better about her sucky luck in the opposite sex would be predicting the entire next six seasons of the show for these three?
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