Eurydice (eurydice72) wrote,

The Buffy Marathon continues...


Favorite Lines
Xander: I laugh in the face of danger. And then I hide until it goes away.

Giles: Why would anyone want to harm Cordelia?
Willow: Maybe because...they met her?

Favorite Moment
Anything with perky Buffy. Macho Man...bouncing through her cheers...ah, she's so adorable.

Top things I've noticed:
1. I don't miss the Slayer intro. At all. I'm so glad they lost it quickly.
2. Wow. Joyce won't be winning any mom of the year awards any time soon. And she said she had Gidget hair junior year of high school. That totally messes with how old she's supposed to be, lol.
3. Somebody totally recycled Xander's whole line about driving railroad spikes through his head for Spike later on.
4. Xander checking out witchcraft books? Clearly, the boy has always had problems.
5. Amy never really had a chance, did she? Creepy demon head thing on her gate, creepy mom thing...I'm surprised she didn't crack sooner, lol.
6. Why are Buffy's shoes different colors to everybody else?
7. What kind of brilliant plan is it to reverse all the spells without binding the really powerful witch standing next to you first? Good thinking, Giles.
8. Oh, look! The black eyes! This was the first time we saw it with the magic this way, wasn't it?
9. Giles is a big fat liar. First casting? Ha.

Teacher's Pet

Favorite Line
Flutie: I really believe if we all reach out to one another we can beat this thing. I'm always here if you need a hug -- but not a real hug, there's no touching in this school, we're sensitive to wrong touching.

Favorite Moment
Xander's dream. The poor guy is so delusional about Buffy.

Top things I've noticed:
1. Ah, witness Buffy's father figure fixation in action...
2. I spent far too long staring at the necklace tucked inside Angel's shirt. It looks like a cross. Pepper thinks it was supposed to throw people off the vampire scent.
3. Pepper and I realized - with the history about the handless vamp - that we picked up a lot from Joss. I don't think that's necessarily a bad thing, lol.
4. Buffy has more coats than any teenaged girl in California should own.
5. I totally didn't remember the handless vamp guy. It makes me wonder what else I've forgotten. Then again, S1 is not my favorite and I rarely rewatch it. Yeah, that's my story.
6. I think Blaine is totally scarred on het sex for the rest of his life.
7. Using the vampire? The lamest how-do-we-find-the-bad-guy plan ever. And how did that vampire not cut through the rope? He's got a metal claw for a hand!
Tags: btvs

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