Eurydice (eurydice72) wrote,

American Idol, the top 3

David A. #1 – I’m curious why the judges would choose a slow ballad for David when that’s all he’s done all season. Not that David didn’t sing it really well, but it didn’t feel much different from everything we’ve seen from him all season. It was pretty, but didn’t wow me.

Syesha #1 – On a totally superficial note, that dress did her no favors. I thought the beginning was too low, and could barely hear her actually. It got better with the chorus, but then the run at the end seemed kind of off.

David C. #1 – Wow. What an interesting song choice. I thought it was just kind of pretty at the beginning, but it proves one thing. He can sing. My favorite so far.

David A. #2 – He sounds out of breath before he even started singing. And…I take it back wanting to hear something faster/younger. It got better in the last 30 seconds, but the start was awful. So are the pants.

Syesha #2 – Sexy and hot and totally Syesha. *Miles* better than David. A.

David C. #2 – What were some of those notes? He just wasn’t on for this.

David A. #3 – I really love this song. It was pretty, but David didn’t really do much with it.

Syesha #3 – It was nice to see something upbeat, but it wasn’t her strongest performance vocally.

David C. #3 – I’ll bet he was wincing all week, thinking, “God, I can’t believe they’re making me sing this song.” It was the best of the producer’s choice though.

I honestly think it's going to be an all-David final. I thought Syesha won the second round, but her final song was just too forgettable to give her enough momentum to get past the boys.
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