Eurydice (eurydice72) wrote,

One of the more popular romance blogs has been doing a weekly feature for the past 6 months or so - a serialized novella. So, since pepperlandgirl4 and I don't have nearly enough to do, we decided to write something for her. And Bam started posting it today.

It's called Forsaken, and it's an m/m erotic romance, 20k long, kind of a suspense noir thing with two cops and a murderer/stalker...

Five years since Detective Xavier Landis walked away from the man who loved him.

Four weeks looking for the stalker nobody but he believed existed.

Three years of his life Detective Jeff Keyes wishes he could get back.

Two cops, both brilliant, both determined, trying to move on from a past neither can forget.

One dead girl.

It's in 8 chapters, and will be posted every Thursday. The incredibly talented katekat1010 helped us out by creating the amazing cover we have for it. So if you like m/m erotic romance, head on over and take a look. It's absolutely free, and most importantly, complete so there's no dreaded WIP label on it, lol.
Tags: forsaken, pimp, serial

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