Eurydice (eurydice72) wrote,

So I'm appealing to all the creative people on my flist.

A couple weeks ago,Pepper and I submitted three novellas to Samhain, for consideration as an antho. She wrote a story, I wrote a story, and one is a collaborative effort. We had no idea what to call the anthology at the time, and figured we'd cross that bridge when we came to it.

Well, Samhain offered us contracts on all three stories today. So each one will be released singly as an e-book, then get bound together for a print anthology. Though we have titles for each individually, we still have no idea what to call the antho. And now I'm appealing to my flist for inspiration.

All three stories are gay erotic romances, where one of the pair has something to do with the priesthood. The first, "If All the Sand Were Pearl" is more in a fantasy world, and the character is thinking about entering the priesthood in a Temple, in service of his Goddess--that is, until he's forced to marry another man. The second, "No Fear in Love" is about an Anglican priest in England who has long been in love with his best friend. The third, "Walk Among Us" is about a former Catholic priest in Illinois, who can see demons.

So see, all three are very different from each other, though they all deal with duty, love, and sacrifice.

So...any suggestions?
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