Eurydice (eurydice72) wrote,

I'm exhausted. After a very restless, short night last night, we got up this morning to participate in the annual March of Dimes walk in San Jose. We do this every year in memory of our good friend Mark, who passed away in 8/04. Mark was born with a heart defect that the March of Dimes helped with, and though it was that same defect that took him away from us at the young age of 35, he had 35 more years than he would have if he hadn't received their help. Our children are too young to remember Mark, but today, when Alicia was asking questions, we took out the program from his funeral so that she could read about what a wonderful man he was.

So, though today is not the anniversary of his death, the day of the walk is always the day I sit back and remember him. He was one of the most generous, kind-hearted men I've ever known. To this day, he is missed.

So between the physical exhaustion of the walk and then chasing after Alicia and her friend for a sleepover that is currently in progress in my living room, and the mental exhaustion from dealing with the memories of Mark, I just want to crash. Thankfully, the kids are all gone tomorrow, as is Craig. I plan on making the most of it.
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