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American Idol, the top 6

Syesha – This is more her venue than previous weeks, with her acting background. Watching the intro, however, I kept waiting for the humor ALW alluded to, to come out. It was a solid, entertaining performance, but I don’t think that intro did her any favors. Still. I think this is the most I’ve liked her since Hollywood week. She should be on Broadway, though. Not the American Idol.

Jason – They announced his song and all I could think was, “He doesn’t have the power for this song. Oh my god, this is going to be a train wreck.” Did you see his hand shake as he was holding his lyrics for ALW? And wow, no faith in listening to ALW, lol. But…the beginning? Typical Jason. Really nice. And then, he hit the middle…and the end. And no, he really doesn’t have the power for this. Not quite the train wreck Randy thought, but not a great performance. Simon’s assessment was right on the money.

Brooke – Whoa. She forgot the lyrics. I think it’s the most blatant restart we’ve ever seen, isn’t it? Even more than when she was doing that Sting song on the piano. Or Police song. I don’t remember, lol. Vocally, once she got going, it sounded okay, though it’s not really a hugely challenging song, but what was she doing with her mouth? She just looked so weird and so angry throughout most of the song.

David A. – Another boy singing a girl song? You know, I’m not a Phantom fan, but making a pop-y arrangement of this song is just wrong. I just don’t understand why he did this. I didn’t even recognize half of it. And not in a good way. And I just don’t get Paula and Randy’s drooling. AT ALL.

Carly – This is the first performance all night where I was as fully engaged as I expected. She had terrific energy, and while it felt like she might have shouted some of the chorus occasionally, she was terrific.

David C. – Gee, ALW doesn’t sound too confident. And…I can see why. I suppose he sang it well enough for the most part, but except for his one big note, I didn’t get any excitement from it.

FAVORITE TWO - Carly and Syesha
LEAST FAVORITE - David A. and Jasons

Who do I think will be bottom two? Jason and Brooke. I think Jason is in serious danger of going home.
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