Eurydice (eurydice72) wrote,

American Idol, the top 9

Brooke White – The song was really good for her vocally, and I have to admit it was nice hearing her sing a song that wasn’t all message-y. Very nice.

David Cook – I didn’t even recognize this song, and while I thought it was a nice performance, it didn’t quite pop the way he has the past few weeks. But he got his hair cut! He looked so much better!

Ramiele Malubay – Her voice got lost in the music. I couldn’t even hear her for half of the song.

Jason Castro – A more spirited performance than we’ve seen from him lately. He seemed a lot more comfortable this week than he’s been in the past. Solid for me.

Carly Smithson – I thought this was delicate and beautiful. So rich and textured. My favorite of the night so far.

David Archuleta – This was lovely, but the song kind of bored me. But David’s not going anywhere. Not with that performance.

Kristy Lee Cook – It’s her genre, at least. You know, so many of the songs tonight just all sound the same to me. It was nice, but then almost everybody has been nice.

Syesha Mercado – A really smart move for Syesha. The song choice – and the fact that she didn’t slaughter it – ensures her being around for another week. Plus, probably the best she’s ever sounded.

Michael Johns – Solid. One of his best performances in a while.

FAVORITE THREE - Carly Smithson,...
BOTTOM THREE - Ramiele Malubay,...

You know, except for my favorite and my least favorite, I don't know how to rank the others. Nobody was truly awful for me except Ramiele, and nobody was wonderful for me except Carly. I think it's time for Ramiele to go home.
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